How Does It Work?

Introducing Jewelz – A Cryptocurrency for Everyone

Jewelz is a new cryptocurrency that ANYONE can mine. In fact, you can mine it with a regular laptop or desktop computer.

How’s this even possible? Won’t my computer explode??
Your computer is safe. Here’s why ...We use a new mining algorithm called Serial Proof of Work, which is far more efficient than the algorithm used to mine bitcoin. In fact, it’s so efficient that you can let it run in the background while you’re responding to emails, browsing Facebook, watching cat videos on YouTube, doing your homework, or even playing online games. The algorithm adjusts based on the resources you’re using for other tasks, so it’ll never slow down your computer.

Jewelz is designed to level the playing field and open the door for everybody to get involved in mining cryptocurrencies. All you need to mine Jewelz is a regular computer – there’s no benefit to having an ASIC at your disposal. Plus, we’re limiting all miners to a single account, so no one can open multiple accounts and build specialized mining farms to gain an advantage over other miners.

Our goal is restore the original spirit of cryptocurrencies: they should be decentralized and accessible to as many people as possible.

How Jewelz Mining Works
We’ll spare you the nitty-gritty technical details, but here’s a quick overview of how the Jewelz mining process works:

  • 100,000 Jewelz will be in circulation to start, with new Jewelz added every year at a low, predetermined rate (to prevent excessive inflation, which devalues currency.)
  • Miners compete to confirm transaction records through Serial Proof of Work (SHA256) and are rewarded in Jewelz for their efforts.
  • No parallel architecture is required to mine – computations are limited to a single thread and a single CPU core
  • Mining Jewelz uses a fraction of the power used to mine Bitcoin (!!!)
  • Jewelz can be exchanged for products or services between 2 or more parties using smart contracts called zContracts
  • You’ll earn Jewelz at a consistent rate, so there’s no need to join a mining pool
  • Initially, Jewelz won’t be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, so early adopters have an opportunity to own Jewelz before the ICO process
  • After the ICO, Jewelz will be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges

Sounds great, right? Well we haven’t even mentioned the best part …

You’ll be able to choose between two ways to mine: You could simply install the mining software and let it run in the background while you go about your day, or you could play a game on our platform to earn Jewelz even faster (you can also have the mining software running in the background while you play).

We want to make cryptocurrency mining fun! 
If mining takes up processing power, why not use some of that processing power to do something enjoyable?

So in addition to building a new blockchain network for Jewelz transactions, we’re hard at work on several applications to gamify cryptocurrency mining and creating a platform on which developers can launch their own games.

The first application built on the Jewelz platform is called AllMine – a single-player mining game that you can play on virtually any PC or Mac (coming soon.)

AllMine – Play for fun. Mine for Real.
AllMine is designed to appeal to gamers of all ages. It’s simple to get started, but the game contains several viral elements to keep you coming back for more fun and Jewelz.

How You Can Get Started Mining for Jewelz
Sign up for the Jewelz beta program. You have two options: choose to download our software and start mining right away, or download AllMine to earn even more Jewelz (and have fun while doing it).