Jewelz is a mobile-based crypto platform looking to democratize the mining process by opening it up to more users of all ages.

Cryptocurrency can be confusing . With our PLAY-based platform, we want to make it both fun and accessible.


Puzzles: problem-solving through play

Learning: about blockchain and more

Advance: knowledge and level up the game

Yield:  players get real crypto through a proprietary gathering system

AllMine: a Game That Makes Mining Fun

AllMine is a puzzle game in which you care for fantastical animals and environments within utopias. You level-up your world with successful play outcomes and in-game purchases, while at the same time also earning Jewelz.

For more info, go to AllMine.Cash.


Educating Users About Blockchain Tech

AllMine’s Adoraboos will send back postcards with things they’ve learned on their expeditions. Each postcard contains info about an aspect of blockchain technology, followed by a multiple choice question.

Each completed postcard grants a bonus on Jewelz resource collection for a number of turns!

What is Jewelz Red?

Jewelz Red is a PLAY-based gaming platform that allows anyone with a mobile device to own, trade and buy using real cryptocurrency in an adorable, inviting game experience.

 It is also a learning tool to further mass adoption in the crypto space.

Early Access

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Mining is fun when you can learn and Play Games while you earn!

In the News

It's a new take on cryptocurrency. 

"Unlike a Bitcoin miner, which can bring systems powered with the latest Nvidia GPUs to their knees, JewelzMiner deliberately takes up few system resources. In a quad-core processor, the mining program took up one-half of a single core, leaving the others free for productivity and gaming. The program more or less leaves a system’s RAM alone."

"CTO Andrew Leker isn’t the first person to point out how Bitcoin’s popularity has highlighted its inherent problems, nor is MyDream the first outfit to attempt to offer a radical alternative. But, working together with MyDream CEO Allison Huynh, few companies have come up with such an ambitious and alternative plan."