Power to the Miners

Jewelz is a whole new kind of cryptocurrency based upon our patent pending serial proof-of-work. It's the world's greenest "Proof of Work" coin, mined through real (and fun!) gameplay. Solid tech is at the heart of a unique mining experience that people of all ages— not supercomputers—can enjoy. It sips electricity instead of guzzling, and delivers the riches straight to the miner!

Made for humans

Jewelz' patent-pending technology means that ordinary people like you power the mining, not industrial mining farms that squeeze out individuals and use the electrical power equivalent of Singapore.

Our innovative game, AllMine, brings mining to the masses! It's delightfully fun and it won't hog your machine resources like the mining clients of other cryptocurrencies.  Get the Details and see what makes us different. AllMine makes mining safe, fun and green.

1) It's PoW-Safe (as opposed to PoS)
2) Everyone can mine! Games make it Fun
3) It's Green... and requires 1/300th the computational power of the others

Early Access

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AllMine: a Game That Makes Mining Fun

AllMine uses Jewelz as its premium currency. It runs the Jewelz mining process in the background and creates the Jewelz currency itself (through user background mining), then validates the blockchain with transactions from kids playing the game.

You don't have to pay $ for premium currency. Instead, you just play the game and use the Jewelz you earn to buy in game stuff and other goodies even before the ico.

For more info, visit the game's website at AllMine.Cash


We're All Miners Now

Jewelz is a new kind of cryptocurrency based upon a greener serial proof-of-work algorithm that limits each miner to one CPU core, eliminating GPU and ASIC mining. Our lightweight mining client can be deployed on every kind of platform, including mobile and tablet. It comes bundled with the game AllMine, which uses Jewelz as its premium currency.

The amazing tech that powers the technology only sips electricity at hundredths the level of the top cryptocurrencies. It's a greener path to proof-of-work verified, safe, immutable blockchain transactions.

A Greener Currency Built for Humans

All you need to mine Jewelz is a regular computer – there’s no benefit to having an ASIC at your disposal. Plus, we’re limiting all miners to a single account, so no one can open multiple accounts and build specialized mining farms to gain an advantage over other miners. Our goal is restore the original spirit of cryptocurrencies: they should be decentralized and accessible to as many people as possible.


Mining is fun when you're Getting paid
to Play Games!


It's a new take on cryptocurrency. 

"Unlike a Bitcoin miner, which can bring systems powered with the latest Nvidia GPUs to their knees, JewelzMiner deliberately takes up few system resources. In a quad-core processor, the mining program took up one-half of a single core, leaving the others free for productivity and gaming. The program more or less leaves a system’s RAM alone."

"CTO Andrew Leker isn’t the first person to point out how Bitcoin’s popularity has highlighted its inherent problems, nor is MyDream the first outfit to attempt to offer a radical alternative. But, working together with MyDream CEO Allison Huynh, few companies have come up with such an ambitious and alternative plan."